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Hello friends,

I have been writing to you for a long time now about dancing and dancing products from Jivemecrazy but today I want to move far away from that topic to tell you about something else I’ve been a part of for some time now.

I know that you people haven’t really asked me to write about other issues and so I sincerely apologise if you feel I am using our dance association inapropriately. Please just delete and forget. But if you feel that you may be interested, please read on.

Here’s a special moment of my life (that’s me without the tan):

Brentin India 2009 with a Flock of beautiful KidsIn 2002 I went to India for the first time. Five friends went to find a person through whom we could give suport to the very poor. We have often been a little shocked at how much of our money some charities use up in admin and “costs” and so we wanted to build a direct line to the poor.

We found a man named David Nerella. He and his family have been working in and around a city called Bellary in central southern India since he was born. David is an impecably honest man living quite poor and working with the very poorest. He is well educated and speaks 5 languages fluently and is a very clever diplomat too. I would like to say more about him but maybe later.

We started to fund his work, and have been doing it since then. He receives personal support from us and an equal amount to use for the needs of those he is helping. With that money, he has saved many lives with a little cash by simply being in touch with people. There’s no free health care in India  so when your kid is dehydrated and you need a drip and some medical care, if you’re broke – your child dies – unless you know someone like David.

This is a photo of him:

David NerellaAdditionally, David and his sister Ruth have sponsered 10-15 children per year out of the work force and back into school. The needs of the family were aleviated and a little funds provided for uniforms and it costs just on $50AUD per child. Amazing! Not $50 per month – $50 per child per YEAR!

I could tell you so many stories to lift your spirit.

In November last year, I went back with another team to see how things were going on the ground. You can see heaps of photos and read the full story here. We were astonished to find that David has spread his work into 26 villiages surrouding the city. We visited most of them and met many people in every villiage who knew who we were and who wanted to shake our hand or who shed a tear of gratitude because the money we had given had been a life line for them. Some of them had recieved medical care that saved their lives or their children’s lives.

David has started to employ some 14 workers to assist him in these villiages. He’d asked us for a little money to do this but we had no idea that the small amount was making such a difference. You can see photos of all these people here:

Currently we are still supporting those 14 families and it only costs us aroud $500AUD per month altogether.

Inspire India LogoWe have started and registered an Australian charity called “Inspire India” – Inspiring and assisting Indians to thrive. We have even begun to sponsor a family into their own business – these are in semi-bonded labor because of debt to their employer.

I’ve heard people say the problems of India are too big. No – they’re not!

There seems to be so much opportunity to make such a big difference so easily in India through David.

We now have 100 cents in every dollar landing where it is needed. That’s right – we are a “no cost” volunteer-based charity.

What prompted me to write to you today about all this is the following sad news.

I met Anitha on our last trip to India. She is a heart disease patient who nearly died of a heart attack at 21 years of age. David had helped her to pay for the medication to keep her alive for over two years now while she awaited surgery. She underwent her surgery two weeks ago with further help from David (10,000 Rs) but it was not successful. She died this Monday and was buried Yesterday.

This news makes me remember just how fragile life is and how close to it all David is. I’m proud of him. I don’t consider the money wasted. It was love, given in hope and there is plenty more needed. It inspires me to give. If you feel the same, you can do it now here : http://www.inspireindia.com.au/blog/?page_id=104

Now here’s how I’d like to tie this in to Jivemecrazy.

For the next week, (2-9th Sept 2010) I will donate all proceeds from purchased dance lesson Downloads to David’s work with these people. That’s right: 100%. I’ll even send you a record of sales and a copy of my receipt from Inspire India to make sure there’s no scam. I think you know us well enough to rule that out anyway. Offer ends 9th Sept – so act now!

Don’t forget you can buy the rountines in groups of ten lessons here.

I’m only offering downloads because the DVDs are not all produced by Jivemecrazy and there is ongoing production and shipping costs. You can grab our beginner’s DVD as a series of downloads. It’s all there in the beginners section.

This is the perfect time to tell a friend about Jivemecrazy. The dancing lessons will make a positive difference in their world and the money they spend will revolutionise someone else’s world. To tell a friend,  click [FORWARD].

What am I getting out of it? Just that wonderful feeling that life is worthwhile and people are valuable and I have helped some of them to dance and others to survive, to rise above what opresses them, and to thrive. Join me in that great privilege.

About the Inspire India logo: India has 53 times the population of Australia. The maps on the logo are in correct proportion. Inspire means- “to breathe life into”

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