You Can Do It!

Update 2016

Regrettably, Corina and I will not be teaching dancing in 2016. Returning to dancing has been fun in 2015 and teaching is quite rewarding, though a relentlessly regular commitment of time and attention. Some of you have been faithfully regular and we are so thankful for your support. Some of you have shown so much enthusiasm and excitement over dancing as you began for the first time last year. When we think of you it makes us want to continue.

However, some of the reasons why we came back to teaching dancing no longer apply. The extra load on our schedules and family is a bit too much at this stage of our lives. Perhaps in the future we will return once again.

If you feel a bit let down by this news, don’t let our absence stifle your enthusiasm. Get out there to Club Jive or Dance Vibe and keep learning Modern Jive, or even branch out and learn another style.

Dancing is for everyone! Couple dancing Modern jive

So you have two left feet! So what?

I have heard that so many times. But many cultures, make dancing an integral part of social life and so everyone does it. Even those with 2 left feet. Why? Because anyone can dance. Everyone can dance! You just need to learn, step-by-step, and give your body time to feel the rhythm. Not everyone can look like professional ball-room dancers but that’s not what it’s about.

Dancing is first and foremost a social interaction. It’s about laughter and smiles and music and people. If you’ve never done it, you’re missing out on too much.

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