High School Dance Classes Price Guide for 2015

Positions are limited.

These prices will vary depending on class duration, travel distance, equipment required and number of students.

Please contact Brent for an accurate quote on 0408 826 455

  • Single Period Class for 50-80 students: $480 plus GST
  • Double period Class for 50-80 students: $920 plus GST
  • Competition day including supply of judges, fabric competitor numbers and prizes for, 5 hours: $1400 plus GST

For smaller schools, concessions on price may be made where necessary. Please call before you decide the prices are too high.


We provide our own instructor radio microphones and music source which are mixed on stage and plugged in to your PA. system. If you require that we bring our full PA system and extra $50 is added to the above prices.

We sell a whole range of DVDs from beginner to Advanced level. Please check out the catalog here.