Terms And Conditions


Our mandate is to make the dancing experience positive and uplifting for every person in attendance. People who deliberately or through persistent carelessness, make other people uncomfortable or reduce their enjoyment of the class and free dancing time, may be asked to leave the premises and may be suspended from attending in the future. Students who try to avoid payment may also be suspended from attendance.

Intermediate Dancers

In order to progress from beginner level classes through to the intermediate class, each dancer will be assessed by dancing with the instructor of the opposite sex. Dancers are expected to show a proficiency in more than 80% of the beginner moves taught at Jivemecrazy as well as a memory of what those moves are (especially for leaders). Dancers are expected to dance safely and in a way that is comfortable for their partner.

Advanced Dancers

Advanced dancers may be given special privileges, including discounts or free entrance as per current special offers. Becoming an advanced dancer with Jivemecrazy requires an assessment in the same was as intermediate dancers. If you would like to be assessed for the advanced rating please ask your instructors. Until this assessment is carried out, prospective advanced dancers will not be eligible for advanced admission etc.

The following criteria will be assessed.

  • Consistent rhythmic accuracy for tempos between 105 and 130 BPM
  • Safe execution of a range of dips and lunges
  • Music interpretation: as a minimum, responding to musical cadences on familiar songs, modifying move selection to fit the musical theme or mood.
  • At Jivemecrazy, being an advanced dancer includes the ability to make dancing fun for others.