About Jivemecrazy

The name “Modern Jive”:
There are well-know companies that teach Modern Jive under their company name like “Ceroc” “Le Roc” and “Blitz” but these are all essentially the same style of dancing.

Modern Jive is influenced by many other forms of dancing. It gets some body movements from Salsa, some patterns from rock ‘n roll, some heat from dirty dancing and etc. It’s distinctive is that the footwork is ultra simple and the tempo and rhythm are also simple like that of our top 40 hits. The beauty of this is that you can dance Modern Jive at almost any party, club or pub.

The dance itself is made up of a collection of moves with fairly universal names. These moves are strung together on the floor as the couple see fit. This is called “free-style” and it makes for great diversity and fun in dancing.

For Beginners
We teach just 27 moves at beginner level and several hundred at intermediate and advanced level. We sell a DVD which helps to consolidate all the principles of dance and the 27 beginner moves. Click here to find out more about that DVD

Partner Not Required
You don’t need a partner to learn Modern Jive because it is taught on a rotational basis. This is a great way to learn and to meet people too. Don’t be shy, because we were all beginners once and many of us still are. The pressure to “do it right” doesn’t exist at our venues. Each person learns at their own pace and for their own enjoyment.

Dancing shoes are not essential at beginner level. Sticky rubber soles are difficult to dance in while slick leather soles are a little too slippery at times. The best sole is suede and you can have your local boot maker fit suede to your own shoes for a lot less than it costs to buy a good pair of dancing shoes.
Most students come dressed in jeans or trousers and a casual shirt but some people take the opportunity to dress up a little which is very welcome.

For more information please call us on 0408 826455.